• How do Cash back Universe works?
  • Does a program fee has to be paid after we register?
  • What is the Cash Back Universe Business?
  • How can I join Cash Back Universe?
  • What if the businesses I use continuously haven’t partnered with Cash Back Universe?
  • How many Businesses are part of Cash Back Universe?
  • How are cash-back earnings processed?
  • In how much time I will be able to see my purchase?
  • Which types of Credit Cards can I sign up with?
  • Can I use a Debit Card?
  • Does my cash back Universe earnings can be cash-out whenever I want?
  • In case I don't see all of my cash back what should I do?
  • Is it necessary to give cash back universe my card details?
  • Can I trust Cash Back Universe with my personal card's info?
  • How many Cards can be signed?

Cash Back Universe ensures your cash-back the way you want it. Our customers tell us how they want to invest those profits and there we record them in the account they register with us. for example: It can be the current account, savings, or some debt etc

Of course not, with Cash Back Universe It’s always free.

This is how it Works: We negotiate the cashback percentage with each company, and we make sure to deliver as many as possible to our Cash Back Universe Customers.

Simple, please go to, and proceed to register. Please don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions

It´s very simple, you can make your request through the Dashboard and we’ll do try to make them join Cash Back Universe.

Cash Back Universe is expanding very fast. so you will notice the number of partnered businesses is constantly increasing. Actually, we are partnered with over 15,000 online businesses.

Be sure to go to your Dashboard, when shopping online. Then Cash Back Universe identify your purchases and check you receive the correct amount of cash-back you've earned. Your Cash-back earnings normally take between 1-30 business days to be prepared. You will see your cash-back earnings reflected on your dashboard as cash. Remember you need to link your payment card when making offline purchases at local restaurants and bars.

Online Purchase usually takes up to 30 Business days, sometimes the transaction is shown when the order is shipped, not immediately.

For online transactions, you can use any credit card.

Yes, our transaction must be processed as a ‘credit’ transaction to make sure the transaction can be supervised.

Sure, it depends on the account you want us to put your earnings and also how much money you have earned.

In case you don´t see your cash-back please go to My Cash-back on your Dashboard to fill out and submit the Cashbackuniverse form.

Yes because this way we can track your transactions. This way the transaction occurs, the card provider notifies us of the Total purchase.

Cash back universe does not store any of your credit card info. When you enter your credit card number it goes directly to our partner, which implements the bank level security.

All of your cards to make sure you don't miss out on any earnings.

Refer To Us Your Favourite Business, And We Will Contact Them And Try Our Best To Make Them Part of your Cashback universe

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