Cash back Universe is a Texas based company that helps you achieve Total Financial Governance®--be it saving for college, reducing debt, saving for retirement, giving to charity, or building a financial cushion--in order to live your life, the way you want to.  We have aligned ourselves with partners across the universe of your everyday shopping needs.  Be it clothing, automotive, insurance, travel, etc., our network allows you to take care of your everyday shopping needs while also giving you money back to reach your desired goal.  Moreover, as you shop and see that certain stores are not on our network, you can build YOUR OWN cash back universe by inviting those stores onto the Cash back Universe network and thus earn more cash back when you shop with them. We call it building you own cash back galaxy.

Too many of us live life over preoccupied with the next bill that must be paid, the next payment for a credit card, the next payment for the car loan, the next student loan payment, etc., we have stopped living life and are just running in a hamster wheel of desperation. We want to help you get back to really living, to enjoying, to taking the kids out, to going out on a date, to doing the things you love to do.  Our vast network of partners allows you to retain cashabacks when you purchase anything with us and we also provide our customers with the most up to date financial planning tools, seminars, videos, etc., to achieve total financial governance. 

Sign up for free, join our network, take care of your shopping needs, attain your financial goals, and ENJOY living again. 





“Our Vision is to be the world's personal financial planning solution to serve as the online platform for people to achieve Total Financial Governance® in their lives through cash backs.”

Refer To Us Your Favourite Business, And We Will Contact Them And Try Our Best To Make Them Part of your Cashback universe

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